Do Travel Size CPAP Machines Work Less Effectively?

Do you suffer from sleep apnea? Do you travel around a lot? You might want to think about getting a travel size CPAP machine. Now, lots of people don’t want to get a travel size CPAP machine because there are rumors going around that they don’t work as effectively as a regular size CPAP machine because they are too small to give your airway the push it needs to stay open while you are sleeping. The truth is that the rumor is false. best soap for cleaning cpap¬†

Smaller CPAP machines do not work less effectively just because they are a smaller travel size that fits in your bag. In fact, they might work better. The travel size CPAP machines are fairly new so the technology has advanced enough to be just as effective as or more effective than older model CPAP machines.

In addition to this, the motor is also quieter. The technology today is so advanced that you can have all the power with a much less invasive noise pollution problem. You even can have a nice soothing spa sound track to listen to as you sleep. This works toward giving you the ultimate sleep. So it is pretty safe to say that the new motors are stronger even though they are smaller and they have been developed to keep quieter to not disturb you or your sleeping partner during your rest hours.

Also you can have the option for a humidifier and furthermore a heated humidifier with a spill proof body. A humidifier is going to help you to increase the ability to achieve the maximum comfort level for your night.

This machine is small enough to lay by your bedside or be placed in your purse and used as you walk. If you are having problems all the time with breathing this is the perfect model because you can wear it at any time. You will be able to flip it sideways upside down or right side up and it will still work the same. Lots of CPAP machines today have features like never before. Customers are impressed by the level of quality that travel machines have and the ability to withstand any trip.

Just because this machine is smaller doesn’t mean that you can clean it less. You will need to be taking care of your machine regularly just as if it were an older model or a regular sized model. If you are going to be using this as your regular machine, you will need to wash it for bacteria and mold. A travel sized CPAP machine needs the same care that a regular machine.



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